Organic Beeswax Candles

Beeswax is the natural substance produced by the bees to store honey and raise their broods. Due to its reformative, anti-allergenic, and anti-viral properties, beeswax is used in lip balms, skin moisturizers, itch relief, pain relief, candles, and cooking.

Due to it's high value and lack of industry regulations, beeswax adulteration is being reported since the beginning of the industrial age. Many offenders in the market sell adulterated beeswax containing additives like paraffin and other toxic substances and label it as "refined", "cosmetic" or "pure".

We prefer purchasing organic beeswax sourced by local beekeepers for making our candles. This way we make sure our candles are free from contaminants and at the same time we help beekeepers to continue their essential work.

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